Stakeholder (Shared interest)

 tda company logo1 Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd.
The packaging group, which manufactures and sells all types of packaging materials, is among the ten-biggest packaging companies. With an income of 7.6 billion USD and a 100-year history in the packaging industry, it is the financially secure stakeholder of the Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol, providing permanent support. Furthermore, Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol has access to the vast network of the Group and will gladly support anybody who is interested in the services of the Toyo Seikan Group.
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 tda company logo2 Toyo Aerosol Industry Co., Ltd.
Manufacturing, filling and selling aerosol products is the core business of Toyo Aerosol. In Japan, the company is established as the market leader in the aerosol market. Its competence and experience is represented in Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol.      
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 tda company logo3 Care Connection GmbH
The core competence of Care Connection is implementing new, innovative products in the market. The company is represented by Christian Czech, who has an extensive network, as well as market and technological know-how relating to all consumer goods.
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