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Since the first spray can came into the world in 1927, aerosol products have facilitated almost all areas of life. Numerous researchers and inventors have contributed to the optimisation of formulations, valves and packaging materials and have made the aerosol can irreplaceable in our everyday life. Among the companies that for decades have significantly, sustainably and successfully been engaged with new and established technologies regarding aerosols are the Japanese company Toyo Aerosol Industry and Deutsche Aerosol. At the beginning of 2014, both companies, together with the German company Care Connection, pooled their extensive know-how, creative energies and cultural values in the joint venture Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol, in order to follow a common goal: making life easier with smart, new aerosol technologies.

tda managementOur joint goal is to be the leading expert for innovative products and services relating to the subject of aerosols. The award-winning DUAL® packaging system is one successful example. Toyo Aerosol Industry and Care Connection share the conviction that the aerosol, as a formulation and packaging medium, has great potential for optimisations and pioneering new product developments. This common vision brought both companies together many years ago. In 2O14, the successful partnership, characterised by mutual respect and loyalty, was fortified through the establishment of the joint venture Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol. The company combines the strengths of two economically vital global players in the creative and flexible environment of a start-up. A synergy from which not only revolutionary products are developed, but also new prospects for all: consumers, customers and employees.

“Our mission is to improve the life of people through our products and impress our customers with excellent service and outstanding quality. All our employees will perform their best to deliver this promise.
The joint venture Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol was established with the aim of combining the best characteristics of the Japanese and German cultures, in order to take into account the interests and wishes of our business partners and shareholders. This will be achieved by offering innovative products of the highest quality and an exceptional Full Filling Service to all companies who seek to enhance the life of their customers with superior products that present new and convenient merits.” 
CHRISTIAN CZECH, Senior Consultant of Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol and founder of Care Connection.
The company is a shareholder of Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol.