The company Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol (T&DA) is the result of a long and successful partnership between Care Connection and Toyo Aerosol Industry. The joint venture combines the two companies’ market and technological know-how in one organisation. Our goal is to offer innovative aerosol products of the highest quality and a Full Filling Service to any company in Europe that wants to enrich the lives of people through the new and prized benefits that the products of Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol present.

The two companies, Toyo Aerosol and Care Connection, started out in different parts of the globe and have gathered valuable experience in the aerosol industry over the last 50 years. They first came in contact as competitors in the Japanese market and from that moment developed a mutual respect for the achievements of the other. And so began a close partnership in which both companies share the belief that the aerosol, as a formulation and as a packaging medium, still offers great opportunity for development and the benefits of the aerosol hold immense value for existing and not yet identified applications. Following their vision, the two attempted to improve aerosol packaging and formulations and expand its existing applications.

In this process, Care Connection supported Toyo Aerosol’s internationalisation strategy with its extensive market knowledge. Moreover, Toyo Aerosol with the assistance of Care Connection continued the development of the award-winning THE DUAL® packaging system, built up production capacities in Japan and made it ready for a global market entry.

tda history2

After five years of successful partnership, the two companies rewarded each other’s loyalty and trust with the establishment of Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol on 1 April 2014. The company took over the assets, business and research projects of Deutsche Aerosol and made the plant in Neutraubling their headquarters. The company represents THE DUAL® packaging system in Europe and acts as a competence centre for aerosol products and services in the European market for consumer, F&B, technical and pharmaceutical goods.