THE DUAL® is a new aerosol packaging system based on Bag-on-Valve technology. By combining two pouches on one valve, it enables the separate storage of two components in one system and the discharge of two components with one push. THE DUAL® is suitable for almost any two-component product. It can be applied to solve problems and creates an added value for the customer. THE DUAL® was presented with the renowned award of the “Aerosol Dispensing Forum” in Paris 2014.

Especially the combination of hermetical sealing of components and 2-in-1 function make THE DUAL® so unique.


  • Sanitary and safe packaging: Aluminium pouches hermetically seal the formulation
  • No contamination or oxidation of the components, even after the first use
  • Longer lifetime of formulation
  • Easy and convenient use of the product through automated mixing by THE DUAL® actuator before application  
  • Product can be applied multiple times
  • Recyclable
  • Environmentally friendly propellant
  • Close to 100% use of product
  • Longer shelf life
  • Reduction of preservatives

Examples of application:

  • Hair care (e.g. hair colour)
  • Skincare (e.g. vitamin C creams)
  • Technical (e.g. adhesives)
  • Dental
  • Cosmetics