Creating synergies and multiplying benefits

The joint venture Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol is young and innovative, yet rich in tradition, as the company combines the extensive experience and profound know-how of two companies from Japan and Germany with a long history in different markets but in the same industry. This expertise is the solid foundation for the work on new, innovative developments such as THE DUAL®: a unique aerosol packaging system based on the Bag-on-Valve technology. Besides the finished product developments we are working on new innovative packaging and formulation developments. On top of that we use the innovations emerging from the R&D centres of the Toyo Seikan Group.

Aerosol is coined from the Latin words for “air” and “solution”. It describes a phenomenon of nature that occurs everywhere: the finest dispersion of solid or liquid particles in air. An example is the spray created by waves in the ocean. The principle offers the ideal technological foundation for modern, eco-friendly products and fosters the growth of innovative ideas.

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