THE DUAL® - Packaging system with "Bag-on-Valve" technology

The DUAL® from Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol was presented at this year’s CosmeticBusiness in Munich

According to the company, Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol provides The DUAL®, an innovative packaging system that allows more effective storage and use of products by combining bags with a valve.

The packaging system is based on the so-called "Bag-on-Valve" technology. According to the manufacturer, the combination of two bags on one valve enables two components to be stored separately in one system.

The DUAL® is designed to provide long-term, safe and environmentally friendly protection for products

According to Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol, the main advantage of the packaging system is the combination of an airtight seal with the 2-in-1 function of the product. The airtight aluminium bags seal the formulation hygienically and safely and protect it from contamination or oxidation. According to the manufacturer, The DUAL® is suitable for hair and skin care, dental care and cosmetic products.

The automatic mixing of the product before application ensures simple and practical application for the consumer. In addition, the product can be used several times and can be almost completely consumed. The packaging system allows a longer shelf life of the recipe, is recyclable, environmentally friendly and reduces the use of preservatives.

Source: Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol,http://www.cosmetic-business.com/news/806193
photo: CosmeticBusiness

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